Real Estate Transaction

I am a REALTOR®, which means that I am a licensed real estate salesperson who belongs to the National Association of REALTORS®. What does that mean? It means that I have to adhere to a high standard of ethics and must follow the Code of Ethics of this association. It means I need to treat everybody ethically when I do my job.

REALTORS® represent clients, whether buyers or sellers, or both, in a transaction. Sometimes I assist a buyer client who doesn’t have a property to sell. Other times, I represent clients who are selling a property and buying a new property. Whomever I represent, I must do it in a fair and ethical way.

“Representing clients” encompasses a lot of things! Here’s a (partial) list. When listing the property, we:

  • assist the seller in preparing the property for sale, whether that be providing advice on repairs that should be done before putting the house on the market or providing a selection of contractors from whom the sellers can choose to get the work done;
  • give the property owner information so that they can determine a fair selling price for their home;
  • have professional photographs and video done in order to market the property;
  • facilitate showings of the property;
  • interact with buyers’ agents to facilitate communication;
  • make sure that the required documents are finalized so that the property can be marketed; and
  • use our marketing expertise to attract buyers to the home.

When there’s been an offer on the home, we:

  • facilitate communication between the two parties (buyers and sellers) in the transaction;
  • assist in providing inspectors and appraisers access to the home;
  • advise the owners during negotiations; and
  • make sure all documentation is complete, so that the sale can go forward.

A REALTOR®’s job is to make sure a transaction progresses as smoothly as possible so that it can close on time!